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NƯỚC RỬA CHÉN VI SINH EMI BALANCE (Bio-EM based Kitchenware Cleaning Solution) 500ML

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Bio-EM based Kitchenware Cleaning Solution 500ML

Với sự hoạt động hữu hiệu của công nghệ vi sinh, EMi Balance đem lại những lợi ích tuyệt vời cho bạn và gia đình: 

  • Khả năng làm sạch & xử lý mùi vượt trội ngay cả trên các chất liệu như nhựa, cao su, sillicone,..
  • Cải thiện làn da tay, không gây kích ứng
  • Không tồn dư hoá chất độc hại trên bát đĩa ăn
  • Làm sạch đường thoát nước và giảm thiểu ô nhiễm ra môi trường
  • Tiết kiệm nước 
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1. Application of advanced microbiological technology:
  • Microorganisms are microscopic organisms on the bottom of an ecosystem that can only be seen through a microscope. They are divided into beneficial bacteria - harmful bacteria and they live everywhere, in the natural or the closed environment, and also on the human and animal body.
  • When the density of beneficial microorganisms is increased, the ecological environment is balanced, making it difficult for harmful bacteria (odor-causing bacteria) to continue to exist.
2. Outstanding odor handling ability:
  • Different from the usual way of treating odors, which is to use a new scent to mask the old scent, microbiological technology eliminates unpleasant odors by increasing the density of beneficial bacteria, helping the ecological environment to be balanced & odor-causing bacteria cannot continue to exist.
3. Nourish hand skin:
  • Does not irritate or dry out the skin. Balance moisture & natural pH level on the skin surface, clean skin (remove dead cells) gently, stimulate skin cell growth.
4. Safe to wash baby bottles:
  • Thanks to microorganisms’ ability to decompose organic substances on the surface, EMI Balance thoroughly cleans the milk and curds that adhere to the pacifier, thereby preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and protect your baby's health.
5. Protect family’s health:
  • The ingredients are completely free of harmful chemicals, eliminating the worry of chemical residues on the family's dishes.
6. Clean drains and reduce pollution to the environment:
  • Probiotics drift down the drain and decompose the pollutant components in the wastewater, clean the indoor drainage and reduce pollution to the environment.
7.  Water efficient:
  • The army of beneficial bacteria cleans each cell on the surface without the need for caustic soda, thereby shortening cleaning time & saving more water.
8.  Sustainable development:
  • Together with EMENVI towards the goal of sustainable development, maintaining a balanced ecosystem and protecting the natural environment for our future and the next generation