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EMI BALANCE COLLECTION (Combo 3 Sản Phẩm - Giải Pháp Sinh Học Chăm Sóc Môi Trường Sống Toàn Diện)

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Tình Trạng: Còn Hàng
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EMI Balance Collection:

Collect gồm 3 dòng sản phẩm vi sinh EMi Balance hoạt động hữu hiệu trong việc vệ sinh tổ ấm và tạo ra một môi trường cân bằng, trong lành cho cả gia đình thân yêu:

  • Bổ sung vi sinh vào không gian sống gia đình
  • Ngăn ngừa sự sinh sôi, phát triển của vi khuẩn gây bệnh, xua đuổi côn trùng
  • Xử lý mảng bám bẩn & mùi khó chịu (ẩm mốc, dầu mỡ, mùi vệ sinh em bé, thú cưng,..)
  • Giảm thiểu ô nhiễm nước thải từ nhà ra môi trường 
  • Giá tiết kiệm hơn 
Hotline hỗ trợ 24/7: 091.569.1319 / 086.852.1251
EMi Balance Collection

Collection bao gồm:
  • 01 chai Nước rửa bình sữa & rửa chén vi sinh
  • 01 chai Dung dịch vi sinh lau dọn nội thất đa năng
  • 01 chai Dung dịch vi sinh lau nhà & phòng tắm


1. Application of advanced microbiological technology
  • Microorganisms are microscopic organisms on the bottom of an ecosystem that can only be seen through a microscope. They are divided into beneficial bacteria - harmful bacteria and they live everywhere, in the natural or the closed environment, and also on the human and animal body.
  • When the density of beneficial microorganisms is increased, the ecological environment is balanced, making it difficult for harmful bacteria (odor-causing bacteria) to continue to exist.
    2. Outstanding antibacterial & odor treatmen
    • Different from the commonl way of treating odors, which is to create a new scent that masks the old scent, the mechanism of microorganisms completely eliminates bacteria that cause unpleasant odors such as grease, mold, baby's hygienic smell, pet,..
    3. Safe for the whole family
    • The solution is made from natural ingredients combined with microbial products, hence very safe in contact with the skin, respiratory tract, and does not leave harmful chemical residues on the surface after cleaning.
    4. Natural scent from essential oil
    • The natural scent of lemongrass essential oil brings relaxation and coolness to your beloved home.
    5. Adding microorganisms to living space
    • The increased density of beneficial bacteria will balance the ecological environment, make the space fresher, prevent pathogenic bacteria from growing, and repel insects.
    6. Clean drains and reduce pollution to the environment
    • Probiotics drift down the drain and decompose the pollutant components in the wastewater, clean the indoor drainage and reduce pollution to the environment.
    7. Sustainable development
    • Together with EMENVI towards the goal of sustainable development, maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and protecting the natural environment for our future and the next generation.